Saturday, July 12, 2008

One month

One month left for my first public performance since May 2007. It will be a chamber music concert, so I won´t be very much stressed -with things like memory slips... On the program, works by Greek composers that live abroad. Ms Jaana Ranta (flute) and Mr Silver Ainomäe (cello) will give me the pleasure and honor to play with me. The concert place is Trieste, Italy.

So, this summer was -till now- and will be a bit different than the previous ones here in Helsinki. I had my fair share of vacation, though, to be honest, I was not in need of it. Getting some sun nevertheless, is priceless in Finland. What remains the same is the -almost- complete lack of concerts in Helsinki during June and July. Activities are moved to the country side. Things at the capital start in August -and of course the Helsinki festival draws all the attention.

About the program of our concert I´ll write more in the other blog. I plan, and hopefully I´ll make it, to write a small text on each work we´re going to present there. Unfortunately, this blog will have some more -longer- breaks the next few months. Since I´m not a student of the Sibelius Academy anymore, I guess it´ll be unfair to keep criticizing them... I think.


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