Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back on the block

Another long break from this blog, or blogging for that matter. I have been pretty busy organizing things in my new "old" life. I came back to Helsinki couple of months ago, after I got the go from the doctors. There's no permanent job right now for me here, so I have to do things on my own. And by "things" I mean concerts.

Finland however, is a very well organized place, that means, usually concerts are planned well ahead. So, what I've been trying to do is find places -halls and festivals- that would be interested in my crazy ideas on the one hand, and ways to realize those on the other. At least until now, everything has gone well.

My trip to Helsinki started with a report at Finland's major newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on the opening of the new opera house in Oslo. With a gala that lasted five hours (or was it six) and the royal family, I think that everyone in Norway is aware of the new opera. Later on, Radu Lupu opened the Helsinki festival -of which the most part is held in August- with a piano recital at the Finlandia house. Couldn't of course miss that -I enjoyed it. But only two encores? Long live Sokolov!

Then a bit of practicing- or actually a lot of it. At least in comparison with the last 12 months. And some panic, since some of my colleagues -with whom I try to get the chamber music concerts- aren't always as fast as I would like them to be. Especially when they have to send a CV or something... Yes, reading the previous paragraph makes me feel that the squirrel is back on the wheel. Though, I enjoy it now. More news soon! Cheers!

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ovi said...

I was wandering what's going on with you. Hope we have the chance to meet sometime this summer. Send a mail!

ovi said...

Btw, when you have concerts or anything send a mail and we can announce it on Ovi magazine.

Julia Davis said...

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noleggio proiettori Milano said...

Another long break from this blog, or blogging for that matter. I have been pretty busy organizing things in my new "old" life. we have the chance to meet sometime this summer. Send a mail!

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