Sunday, November 18, 2007


GA stands for Greek Army. So, few comments for the first two weeks over there. Now I am a soldier under oath, things get serious on Monday evening when we return to the camp.

One of the biggest training camps in Greece in Korinthos, with one of largest crews for training in the last years (~1500 men)... Plenty of people, not enough officers (according to them), and all the races of the world serving Greece as their country. From Russia, Albania, and many Roma. The two main groups are the tough guys -usually youngsters max. 23 yo- and the softies... then, there are the oldies (like me...), and the minorities. Lots of things to learn from these people, not everything necessarily all positive, but welcome.

Things are fine one day, the next is hard. Some problems here and there, but what mostly disturbs me is the crowd. We are too many, very few moments of peace, while the few officers have an order in mind most of the time... Gun training starts next week, I think, and the situation will get serious.


buzz it!


mamapatrida said...

good luck!
I just moved back to Athens and I'm getting really tired of mamapatrida. I'm going to close it down pretty soon!

Blackjack Game said...

What exactly would you like to tell?

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