Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finnish summer

...actually, Finnish summer in Helsinki...

So, how's the Finnish summer? According to Finns, their country is a blessed place on earth. You see, like every nation (or call it as you want), Finns have their own urban legends as well. One of them says that there are four seasons in Finland: summer, fall, winter, and spring. Most of the time, let's say 8 months/year, this is true. There is winter here, fall too. And some kind of spring... I wonder about the summer however, since it's been raining the last two weeks -whereas in Germany and Greece (twice) it has been hot. As in over 35 degrees, or 40 for Greece. A decent summer in Finland would be when at least 60 days of the year are with a temperature over 20 degrees; in Helsinki... Not to mention of course, the sudden change(S) of weather within hours, or sometimes within ONE hour...

Enough about the weather; damn it, I'm becoming a Finn (the kind that complaints about things beyond their powers...)

Classical music events in Helsinki during the summer are none... By the way, summer here is from mid-June till late July. Approx 4-5 weeks, centered according to the mid-summer feast. So, that means no concerts around here for weeks and weeks... Everything happens in the countryside. Literally everything. (Helsinki is so nice empty...) Festivals all over the place -in the most forgotten villages of this huge country- and music summer camps. For a complete list of the festivals check here. But in August!!! Then, the schools start, people are back (they started returning already, HELP!!!), and there's a couple of festivals here too, with the Helsinki Festival being the pic of the tourists.

No harm done however for me. I had a really long break after the Competition, 3,5 weeks without practicing -or was it 4? No classical music listening, nothing. Detoxication, they call it I think... and I was in need of it. Now back to practicing -kind of, and on Monday flying to Athens for 3 weeks of vacations, hopefully not too hot.

I'll try to write more often... Enjoy!

buzz it!

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