Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A queen, and another queen

A bit of blogging on a third place the last 10 days -a temporary blog, so no much time to post anything here. Plus of course a competition to follow and see how it's going to end up.

Continuing from a post of the other blog (the post is here), there are few things on politics I'd like to point out -not elaborate. Last weekend a prestigious -one of the most important around- music competition ended in Belgium. Most will know that I'm referring to the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition. This year it was for piano; check here and by clicking on video on demand you can listen every performance from the semi-final on. This competition is organized in honor of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium (1876-1965). The present queen, Queen Paola of Belgium in her turn honored the competition with her presence from the semi-finals on -at least.

I don't know whether she's really interested in classical music, but I guess she wouldn't go there to listen dozen of players perform piano for hours and hours. It is however, interesting to see how much prestige the whole organization gets from her presence there. From what I've heard, it is a major event in Brussels, and Belgians await for it with excitement. Imagine the president of the US following the Van Cliburn -or the Cleveland- competition! Or the Greek prime-minister following the Maria Callas competition! Not in a million years.

Then, it's a Grieg year all around Europe I think. The centenary from his death is next September. So, there's a Grieg seminar today at the Sibelius Academy. While the royal couple of Norway is here in Helsinki -coincidence?- I've been informed that the Queen Sonja will be present at this seminar. Should I ask you to imagine the German chancelor or the British prime-minister attending this kind of events for a composer of their country in a foreign country? No... I shouldn't ask twice.

What's the point of this post? Well, none, except that politicians don't really care about art or culture; despite of course those cases were they can get some extra votes. Plenty of examples at your disposal, especially from Greek politicians.

Check a new label of posts in the other blog -on Greek classical music. It concerns problems of classical musicians -and the art itself of course- in Greece. Some of them can be found in other parts of the world as well, I believe. Right here. Tata!

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