Friday, June 08, 2007


...of ignorant lawyers?

Opera Chic blog received an e-mail from the lawyers of the world famous opera of Milano La Scala. They demanded -if I understood correctly- that the owner should change the logo of her blog, because it reminds a lot the logo of La Scala's own logo; they also asked some other things. You can find the complete story here. The reaction of the classical music blog world was immediate, as you can check over here. I guess that most of the blogs reacting to this story are on the blogroll on the left.

I'm not a fan of opera, of La Scala, or of Milano. But a useful -and indeed very much visited and read- blog like Opera Chic is doing actually more advertizing to them then they could wish. La Scala is after all a wasp's nest, and they often keep the world interested by scandals instead by achievements.

Anyway, you can complain to La Scala directly here (thanks to Alex Ross for this info).

The 2nd Maj Lind international piano competition ended yesterday. Results here, and over here you can listen some of the performances. As far as I know, no part of the concerto finals is yet on the web...


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