Monday, May 21, 2007


4 days to go for the competition, I'll try to write something small every day, for the next x days... I had the half day off today, my hands need some physical rest. After a very long time, we went to the movies.

We watched the last movie by Olivier Dahan, La Môme, which is a biography of Edith Piaf. A lovely film, and a shock for an ignorant and uncivilized person like me. My throat was a bit tight during very often...

Like this and like that, the preparation for the competition is at its last stage. Fingers are working, the brain must cooperate too... There's a webpage from the Finnish Broadcasting company as well (right now it doesn't respond), and there you can follow and listen to many of the performances -if not all. By now 9 applicants have cancelled, from 51 we dropped to 42. Tomorrow back to full practice.

And something by Piaf in English.

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Good night!

buzz it!

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