Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Three days to go for the competition. Back to normal practicing today, it's time to concentrate on the first round. Some usual Bach and Beethoven (together with other classical and barock composers obviously) will be performed there, some modern -composed after 1960, and three studies. Instead of three studies, one can play 1 (or two) and then 2 (or 1) toccatas. I have had the pleasure to find the following performance of Prokofiev's toccata by the one and only Martha. I did the mistake to choose that piece for this competition. Or maybe not a mistake, but I'll only know afterwards.

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Besides the competition, I just noticed an article in Finland's only monthly classical music magazine Rondo. There a young Finnish composer -in an article criticizing the musica nova festival- makes the argument, that the presentation of works by young composers in concerts of the Sibelius Academy orchestra should be self evident. (I would add even in workshops!). So, Amen to that! This is of course not the case, while the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra supports Finnish composers even in a workshop of a festival. (check this about the festival). Furthermore, young conductors from the academy's class could have the opportunity to show their abilities with the academy's orchestra. Lots of money would be saved this way, that is by not hiring a famous, usually overpayed, star conductor. But who will listen to that??? It's all about the money... ...and the fame after all.

Enjoy Martha!

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