Sunday, April 29, 2007

A hell of a month v1.2

I just finished doing my second tiramisù, and for sure it's going to be the best I ever did...

It's been quite a weird month this April and a hard one too. I applied last March for the Arts Management dept. of the Sibelius Academy (UPDATE:Master's degree programme). There are two phases in the selection of the future students: in the first the candidates are restricted to 25, on the basis of their qualifications, experience in the job, languages etc, and a small essay. The results of the first came couple of weeks ago, and in my surprise I wasn't in the list of the selected ones. Frustration and anger followed and some furious e-mails left from my account to some people. It seems rather weird -and ridiculous- that the doctor's degree of one dept. in the academy means nothing to another... not that this is my only qualification, I just thought it would take me over the rest... Who knows, maybe they are right!

Anyway, feedback after June 16th, and as well a complaint from me will be ready for them... You see, in Finland you can always file a complaint about anything. Not that I intend to study there anymore, but I can make their day too; actually their summer. As good ol' Bugs would say, "this means war!"

A week later, I played in the master's exam of a double bass player, accompanying him in the chamber version (for double bass, two pianos, two percussionists), of Einojuhani Rautavaara's "Angel of Dusk". This went pretty well considering the rehearsals..

Finally, I had three concerts in 8 days. Last Sunday in a town called Rauma, with a brilliant violinist called Maya Egashira. Yesterday here in Helsinki, in a museum, with Jaana (a great flutist, my girlfriend), and today in another Helsinki museum -this time alone. Now, I can concentrate in the preparation for the Maj Lind competition. Still approx. four weeks until the first round. As some very confident colleagues would say, "plenty of time." Funnily, I feel that too. If I can't be ready by then, more time wouldn't do any good...

Thanks to the direction of the Arts Management dept. I have more time to practice, since I don't have to read and learn the large book, which the candidates for the 2nd phase have to. A tribute to them this post. I'll win the competition and then become rich and famous... lol! [laughing out loud] Seriously, who cares?

PS: if you are in Helsinki, go to Temppeliaukio kirkko next Friday, 4.5. Alex Freeman's the river between will be performed there. Details on the link left.

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