Sunday, April 15, 2007

A different state of mind

Hello again! I've been for quite a while away; I'm not sure though, whether it was for better or for worse... 'cause the last few days, since Thursday that is, I am a bit like Daffy.

So, in order to avoid getting really nasty with people, and causing some even nastier situations, I think it's OK, I haven't been in the "blogging" mood lately... There have been many concerts I attended, among them I heard for the first time live Messiaen's Turangalîla Symphony. And Lopez' concert was a huge success. It was even appraised by the critices! More concerts to come this week. I have some gigs as well, here and there, but nothing really special. The extraordinary right now in Finland is the international cello competition. Semi-finals start on Tuesday, the great Silver is there. And we're waiting for him next weekend. Yes we are.

Back in business again. Cheers!

buzz it!


elafini said...

Cheers! μου θύμισες αυτό τώρα...

elafini said...

αν θες επίσης μπορείς να βάλεις κι αυτό στα links σου (η σελίδα της μουσικής βιλιοθήκης του μεγάρου μουσικής)


elafini said...

τίποτα προσωπικό, γνωρίζω ποιός είσαι λόγω και της δικής μου ιδιότητας αλλά με ενόχλησε αρκετά το ότι πρώτη φορά χρησιμοποίησες τον "τίτλο"..θα μπορούσα κι εγώ να κάνω το ίδιο..μο πέρασε τώρα..άσε που συμφωνούμε ..καλό βράδυ