Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Third Millenium Symphony Orchestra

There's a concert next Saturday, on the last day of the month, in Helsinki's Rock Church (Temppeliaukio kirkko) @19.00, entrance is free. J Lo, after a seven years residence in Helsinki, is leaving us next year. Jimmy López wanted to organize a symphonic concert with his music before his departure (for some reasons, composers in the Sibelius Academy do not have to show their skills in a final concert for their master's degree like instrumentalists). He worked hard during this academic year in order to get the money -and the people- for this project.

I am not a part of this orchestra. There are however, some 70-80 colleagues taking part in the project (he did ask though, at least around 300 musicians...). Jimmy gathered around him a very helpful team, although it seems that he's the boss. Until now, everything seems to work well, since the organizational skills of him seem to surpass even those of some professional producers/agents.

I will be there and hope to see as many of you too (well, I mean those readers who live in Helsinki or around it). It is after all, the last chance to hear Jimmy López' symphonic music live and for free. From next autumn on, he will reside in Californ-i-a; he got a 5 years scholarship from Berkeley.

PS: The Sibelius Academy celebrated its 125th anniversary last week, with the peak of the celebration being a concert of the Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra and Choir at the Finlandia House on Saturday the 17th. There were many guests and officials, among them the President of Finland. They all got a nice dinner after the concert offered from the Academy. The students of the orchestra and choir -and students in general- however, should have been satisfied with a glass of sparkling wine, only of course if they were fast enough to get one. Take care!

Photo by Anna Kamchilina

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