Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Ladies and Gentlemen"

"In the Jazz Organ world it is fair to say that we all are striving to perfect our skills as players, listeners, and bandmates. It's a life long yearning to be the best we can be while we spenc countless hours listening to what other organists are playing, practicing to perfect what we heard, and then playing a million gigs as we sharpen and mold ourselves to gain the title "Jazz Organist". On this recording, I'm proud to introduce you to a great devoted musician who in my book has gained that very title. "Jazz Organist"!

Tony Monaco

So, Mr. George Kontrafouris' new CD is out! Its name Little Daddy's Blues and you can purchase it on a record store in the USA. If you don't live there, you can either get it from Giorgos himself (fouris_67@yahoo.com), if you are in Europe for example, or from the record company's website.

A short introduction in case you don't know him: Mr Kontrafouris is a jazz legend in Greece although he's just a bit under 40 yo. He has a classical training as pianist, has been active as jazz player for a couple of decades and since he moved to Finland in 2003 (or was it 2004?) he plays the hammond organ. This is his first recording as organist. Most of the pieces are his own compositions as well. Four brilliant young Finnish colleagues join him. He will be presenting the CD in Helsinki on February 21st (Juttutupa) and in Greece from March 6th until 9th (contact him for details).

About the recording, I have nothing to say. Mr Monaco's notes on the back of the CD need no explanation. Go out and buy it!

buzz it!