Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ice Age

Well, it's not sooooo cold. Just -15 or so yesterday, but today is warmer. There's a margin for another 10 centigrades here in Helsinki.

Few small things today.

I took part in a conducting class last weekend, while playing for future conductors. I learned new things, as always, but I think I've heard the most incredible thing yet by a conductor (the teacher). He was talking about orchestras, and the fact that they need somebabysitting from time to time. I quote: "here they are, professional musicians, famous, and they need a babysitter over their head to show them what to do." Or something like that. The funny thing is, that he is in fact the famous, and he get no less than €10.000 for a gig as guest conductor... I always suspected they are in no contact with reality, but this goes beyond and expectation. By the way: do you know many famous orchestral players? I'm mostly referring to the average local orchestra, not the Berlin or New York Philharmonic.


We went to the ballet with Jaana last Saturday -at the Finnish National Opera House. It was just my second visit for ballet there in all the years here, and I must admit that I didn't get bored. Once again, they did a marvellous job with the staging. Fancy colours again, nice backgrounds, and as usual all the technological support for the art. The orchestra however, is definitely not the best of the city. It's a pity. The dancers either didn't seem to be the best available, but again, I know nothing about dancing. I can only recognize whether they were synchronized while dancing... not often. In all, I liked it. Oh yes, it was a full house: just to let the Finnish readers wonder how come the opera is in financial problems.

There are two great projects at the Sibelius Academy during the next months organized by students. They concern mainly contemporary and modern music, but not only. It will be exciting to see how they work out. I will write about them later.

For now, keep going... to concerts.

buzz it!


Arturo said...


Arturo said...
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Arturo said...

How can i get an icon as you? Do u need to pay or can you get it with some setup?

Yes, im a bit retro in this aspects.

See u soon dude


aphrodite said...


Loved your avatar - just saw it in antvol's if I'm not grossly mistaken...

The only thing I can comment on is the purely dancing part of the show: if you don't know a thing about dance, dancers, choreography and stuff and yet you pick up that something's wrong, chances are, it is wrong big time!!! (Experience talks...)

So happy I can read suff in your blog I wouldn't think of, like the babysitting needed by those "great" figures. Weird huh? And yet it makes perfect sense...

Not wanting to spoil it for you, still I felt like declaring that today it was as sunny as Spring here in Athens. All over, couldn;t work!

Wanna trade places for a week or so? I'd kill for some snow, I've missed it sooo bloody much!

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

Arturo you need some update in tech-stuff. The avatar (icon) you can get from free... Just google avatar and have some fun.

Aphro, check please the Dec. 27th comments. I had a question for you.
Well, you don't spoil it. It was sunny too here! Just lovely, a place with all the seasons of the year... Today it starts snowing again. So, it's warmer...

About the stuff you wouldn't expect to see here: I'm just warming up. ;-)

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

Oh yes: it was Tchaikovsky's Swan lake.