Wednesday, December 06, 2006


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This weekend there was a small piano Mozart festival at the Sibelius Academy. I didn't have the time to go to most of the concerts, except from yesterday, (Dec. 5th, at the closing one). In the program "immortal concertos." The double, the triple, and the big A major concertos were performed, accompanied by the chamber orchestra of the Helsinki Polytechnic. 3 pianists from the Sibelius Academy and 3 from the Polytechnic were chosen. They all played very well, especially the two youngsters, (in the double concerto) from the youth dept. of the academy were impressive. The orchestra as well was very good, given the fact that they are students.

What I thought concerning this concert, and the reason for this post was the following: (keep in mind, that this festival was a collaboration between the Helsinky Conservatory, the Helsinki Polytechnic, and the Sibelius Academy [SibA]) The orchestra has its own conductor, and they played with him; he was good, no critique here. What crossed my mind though, was that the organizers could have asked 3 conductors from the conducting (surprise!) class of the SibA. Most of these poor students do not have the possibility to conduct orchestras often, under real conditions. (I'll go into this conducting Finnish legend on a later post... it's a long story).

Instead they conduct their own orchestra- yes the academy provides them with one- for about 20-40 minutes/week. Not much can be done in this time, and what they mostly learn there is how to move their hands. Long story short: in this country, Finland, the managers of the orchestras control the orchestras, and the conductors -or artistic directors- cannot do anything about it. Mostly because they are not well enough educated. And a conductor, damn it, should be!

Just to avoid any misunderstandings: I guess that this is the way it works everywere else -except Greece of course, because they cannot afford a manager too, I just don't know it...

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