Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You can call me Doctor (so what?)

Well, it's almost over, and soon I can use my title whenever
I buy a flight ticket...

Interesting experience though. Had to play first a bit, then
give a short speech, listen to the comments of the jury, and
answer their questions as well as the questions of the audience
(thank you C and J). Very tough questions indeed.

Anyway, as I would say in the good old days of the kindergarden
-papa smurf, a piece of cake.
The thing that bothered me of course was the small audience,
I guess the lack of many friends... Most of them could not be there,
and certainly not the old ones. It would be nice to have there H&S, L&M (my couple),
E[&J then]&G (the roommates), A(&A nowadays), H, G, etc...
BUT, Jaana was there. She's great and though she can't be as many
as all of these people, she still is the best!
Greetings to all. (kindergarden still not commenting anything...)

buzz it!


Greta said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so proud I have a friend whom I can call Doctor ;)
Sorry I couldn't be there - really would have liked to, but well, life is life..... :(
And, papa smurf, I really hope kindergarten will get together someday, it might be in virtual reality for a start, but you know that we need a papa smurf to take care of that ;)

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

hi Greta!
nice that you can be proud. Join the club of all these people that feel proud about it...
let's see about the little smurfs...