Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who am I?

Still 3,5 weeks in hell. What? I'll be another 3,5 weeks or so in hell. Well, it's not really hell, but I don't have a thesis presentation and defense every month; this is my doctoral paper I'm talking about... Anyway, so what? How can it be so hard? Actually, it is not. But, after 12,5 years of study in 3 different schools (from 2 of which I got 3 degrees), 3 more weeks can make a difference. Anyway, who said that piano playing is easy? It took so damn long, but few months before I turn 29, I'll have a doctoral title, even though this was not the goal of the trip at the beginning. As Homer put it, it's the trip not Ithaca. However, it is not just that. There are still a couple of essays to write, on music philosophy. Halfway done though. Then, there is all this stress for the organization of the ceremony, the "after" ceremony, the renting of a white tie, the printing and publishing of the paper; last but not least, my parents are gonna be here during this week, and they're NOT used to snow. So, yes I am a classical music pianist, from Athens (Greece - not Georgia), living in Helsinki (Finland). I study at the famous Sibelius Academy, and often I'm damn proud about it; not always though 'cause nothing is perfect in this life. After this short intro about me, few words about the blog. I'll try to write once a week, maybe twice. I will deal mainly, as I say in the description of the blog, with classical music, and the concerns -and worries- of a professional of the field. So, it will get a bit realistic (some would call it negative) and sad from times to times; or a lot. But, I'm not here to make people happy or become popular. I'm here to express the cruel truth(s) of this profession. Feel free to answer, object, or doubt: preferably with arguments. You can write in German, Greek, Finnish, French, or even Spanish or Italian (I'll find somebody to translate those), the main language will be nevertheless, English. Hopefully, the kindergarden can gather here again... I'm out.

buzz it!


una said...

Hello Doctor~
Nice to see that you will be done soon! and ABOUT TIME!

Finishing up my law degree in London myself too - can't wait to get this out of the way!

It would be nice to catch up - remember the good old days when I met you for the first time in Italy??
ah..miss those times!

anyway, take care sweetheart~ and keep me posted!

Anonymous said...
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Pittman said...

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